We Are One


As my friends can tell you, I’m a political junkie.  Many Americans are following the inaugural events this year.  I follow them every 4 years.

Which means I’ve seen all of the celebratory concert.  I didn’t have high expectations for this concert.  I didn’t have low ones either.  I recorded it so that I could have it on while I shelved books in our TV room.

Instead, I sat down and watched.  Jumped up and sang.  Stood near the books and cried.  Wowza.  What a great celebration of America.  If you missed it, here’s the HBO schedule for the concert.  Or you can see it on HBO’s website.  The URL is http://www.hbo.com/weareone/.  

The music is great.  The historical stuff is actually cool.  Whoever organized this did a fantastic job.