I love seeing enthusiasm about science fiction and fantasy. A while ago, I sold a story to a new group in Colombia. They reprinted “Chimera” in this beautiful book, and did a multimedia presentation to introduce the book. The book is called Agua/Cero.

Now the same group is putting on a conference in Colombia and they want the word out. Rather than paraphrase, here’s what they’re doing and their itinerary:

Medellín, February 10th, 2009
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“I am very delighted to see an event like this happening in Colombia,
as part of the exciting renaissance in your country and in South
America. I cannot think of anything that would be more valuable.”
David Brin, author of Earth and The Postman

Fractal ’09 is an international event of art, music, science,
technology, fantasy and science fiction that will be held from March
4th till the 8th in Medellín, Colombia. We want to spread the notion
that anybody can create the future and everything start with an idea:
many common items we use nowadays, such as cellular phones, satellite
tracking systems, RFID technology and microwave ovens were all
fictional stories before becoming realities.

Fractal’09 will take place in El Jardín Botánico, Parque Explora and
Parque de los Deseos or Wishes Park, so that everybody –through their
own curiosity and ability to dream– will have a place to discover and
create worlds full of possibilities through stories, installation art,
performances, happenings, concerts, speeches and public readings.
The Manuel Mejía Vallejo Foundation and Proyecto Líquido have joined
together for this purpose, motivated by common interests: language,
creativity, the future, and the integration of different areas of
knowledge. These elements define the Fractal Universe, a long term
project with a strategy aimed at continuity that looks to promote,
disseminate and apply the infinite possibilities offered by science
fiction, fantasy, art, music, science and technology as an exploration
of mankind, its environment and its future.
In Fractal’09 we will enjoy the participation of: Bruce Sterling (USA
– Writer), James Patrick Kelly (USA – Writer), John Kessel (USA –
Writer), Lucius Shepard (USA – Writer), Jasmina Tesanovic (Serbia –
Film and Documentary Maker), Eduardo J. Carletti (Argentina – Editor
of AXXÓN Magazine) and Federico G. Witt. (Spain – Biologist/Webmaster
of CIFI, science fiction portal).

Wednesday, the 4th: Inauguration Fashion Show/Cocktail Party: In
Search of the Lost Dress II
Thursday, the 5th: In Life: A Homage to Ray Bradbury.
Friday, the 6th: Cyberpunk and Post-Cyberpunk
Saturday, the 7th: Slipstream
Sunday, the 8th: Woman’s Day – “Women and Science Fiction:
Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley”
During the whole event there will be six permanent installations, such
as the Tower of Time, an electronic graffiti and “We build the future
we want”, among others. This last installation is an opportunity for
the community to express the future they dream of on walls, through
text messages, telephones, e-mails, using paper and pencil,
recordings, the web, and video clips.
Fractal’09 has no entrance fee.
To learn more about the guests and details about different events,
visit our website, call us at (57-4) 3793689
or write us at

I won’t be there, but some great folks will be. If you can, check it out.