All Things Considered, I’d Rather Be In Philadephia.

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Oh, wait! I am.

I have a 4-hour layover because my flight was early.  Have changed currency, eaten the obligatory cheese steak, and will soon board the 8+ hour flight to Frankfurt. From there, I take a 1 hour flight to Leipzig.

I don’t have much interesting travel stuff to report, except that so far, the flying has been easier than expected.

However, did want to talk about reading for a moment.  The flight from Portland to Philly was 5+ hours, with no TV, no nothing.  People read. And they read everything. The guy next to me was reading a baseball book that I hadn’t heard of, Field of Screams.  A number of people were reading Stieg Larsson’s trilogy.  Four people reading various Lee Child books.  One person reading Michael Connolley’s 9 Dragons.

Everyone else–reading older books.  Fantasy (some biz guy, reading The Sword of Shanara), lots of paranormal romance, and one old Patterson.

I read on my Kindle and it’ll work great (should the machine keep functioning).  I love, love, love having so much choice.  I brought 15 books with me, and am nearly done with the first.  Great feeling.

Will report more–and more interesting things–in a day or two.  I get into Leipzig at 3 in the afternoon, after essentially 24 hours inflight, so I expect to be wiped out tomorrow.  Whenever tomorrow is.

4 thoughts on “All Things Considered, I’d Rather Be In Philadephia.

  1. When I fly back to Germany, I feel great the first day. Jet lag hits mit like a ton of bricks starting on the 2nd day.

    1. Thanks, everyone. Jen, you can adjust the type as needed. It’s quite nice. I’ve been reading a lot. I’ll probably post the update tomorrow. Am tired tonight…

  2. I just got the new wifi Kindle and I must say I absolutely love it. I wasn’t sure I would. I wasn’t going to spend $250 on something I didn’t really know if I’d like or not. When they got down to $139 I decided to try it and I’m so glad I did.

    As you say – so many books in one small device that’s easy to read. I love real books too, but the Kindle is certainly an excellent thing for travel.

    Have a wonderful trip and happy reading to you.

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