Sales, Audio Books, And More!

First, for this weekend only, Kobo and WMG Publishing are offering a 30% off sale on these e-books: A Dangerous Road (the first book in my Smokey Dalton mystery series (written as Kris Nelscott)), The Fates Trilogy (all three Fates books under my Kristine Grayson pen name), Snipers (my newest novel), and The Perfect Man edition which has both my Kristine Rusch novelette and the novel I wrote as Kristine Dexter plus an […]

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More free things

WMG Publishing does a free short story podcast every Thursday, and the story is only up for a week. Sometimes the stories are from Fiction River. Often, though, they’re from WMG’s various authors. This week, the story is one of my Kristine Grayson stories, read by Jane Kennedy. The story is about publishing, kinda sorta, and Jane’s reading is a lot of fun. Follow this […]

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