Free Fiction Monday: “Glass Walls”

Beth pays for crimes she committed as a child while under alien influence. Languishing in indentured servitude, her employers use her to satisfy the needs of their alien guests. To cope, she withdraws. But when Beth meets an alien who endures the same loneliness Beth suffers, her actions surprise even her.

“Glass Walls” appears in a different form in the novel Alien Influences, which was a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award.

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Free Fiction Monday: “Dancers Like Children”

Dr. Justin Schafer travels to the Bountiful colony to investigate a series of brutal murders. The colonists blame the Dancers, an alien species the colony relies on for its livelihood. But the more Schafer investigates, the more complicated the case seems. He begins to wonder if his past mistakes—mistakes that led to genocide—will color his judgment. And he begins to suspect that the reasons for […]

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Alien Influences

WMG Publishing has released an ebook edition of my Arthur C. Clarke nominated novel, Alien Influences.  While the novel got great treatment in the U.K., it got published “dead” in the United States.  I had already lost two editors at the company and no one supervised the release.  While the novel received almost no attention in the U.S. science fiction press, The New York Times […]

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