The Business Rusch: Pushing The Envelope

  The Business Rusch: Pushing The Envelope Kristine Kathryn Rusch   Monday morning, I ripped off the previous page on my Pearls Before Swine 2011 Day-To-Day Calendar to find Pig and Rat, sitting at a table.  On the table, a steaming cup of coffee and an envelope.  Pig’s hand (paw?) is on the edge of the envelope. Rat asks him, “What are you doing?” Pig […]

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Alien Influences

WMG Publishing has released an ebook edition of my Arthur C. Clarke nominated novel, Alien Influences.  While the novel got great treatment in the U.K., it got published “dead” in the United States.  I had already lost two editors at the company and no one supervised the release.  While the novel received almost no attention in the U.S. science fiction press, The New York Times […]

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