The End of the Freebie

Current News

Well, The Disappeared is no longer available for free on, although it is now available for a small fee (hint, hint). Audible did this free promotion to get y’all to sign up for their newsletter and to buy audiobooks. They were hoping for a few thousand. By the end of the first weekend, 10,000 of you downloaded the audiobook, stunning all of us–including the Audible folks. They’re happy and I’m happy. The final numbers aren’t in yet, but they will be higher than that.

I know that not all of the 10,000 will like the book, but both I and Audible are hoping that a significant number of you will–enough to download the remaining audiobooks in the series. I’ve been getting some wonderful private feedback, which I thank you for.

The fact that so many folks were willing to take a chance on the book surprised and pleased me. Thanks, folks. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series, too.