Two Best of the Years for G-Men

Current News

I found out the delightful news yesterday that “G-Men” will appear in The Best American Mystery Stories 2009, edited by Jeffrey Deaver with Otto Penzler acting as series editor.  I’m so pleased, since “G-Men,” is an alternate history story that first appeared in Sideways in Crime.  

Gardner Dozois has also picked up “G-Men” for his Year’s Best Science Fiction for 2009.  I think (although I haven’t researched it) that this is the first time the same story has appeared in a science fiction year’s best and a mystery year’s best.

Just so it doesn’t feel left out, I should note that “Patriotic Gestures” from At the Scene of the Crime will appear in Ed Gorman’s year’s best mystery and crime stories which Bleak House will publish in 2009.  (I’m not sure of the title of the series yet, since Ed has changed publishers.)  So that’s three year’s bests with stories from 2008, but only two different stories.

I’m thrilled (she writes with complete understatement).