Interview and an Old Article

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I’m still behind posting things, but I’ll catch up.  Recommended Reading at the end of the week–October, maybe November.

Just got word that Realms of Fantasy posted a long interview with me on their new website.  You can find it here.

And BenBella Books also has a new website for its Smart Pop books. They’ve featured an essay by me on their site.  You only have until tomorrow (Tuesday) to catch this one for free, so hurry on over. Here’s the link.

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  1. I never ate Cheez Whiz and Ritz while watching the original Battlestar, but I certainly remember the series. It started the year I graduated from high school, and I watched it religiously. Aside from family members, who simply tolerated my science fiction/fantasy addiction, I was pretty much alone.

    The sequel series I pretty much missed, however, as by that time I was in the Air Force and either in tech school in Biloxi, learning how to maintain and repair microwave and tropospheric-scatter transceivers and associated equipment, or stationed in Greece doing what I had been taught to do. The shows we received in Greece via AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio and Television Service — affectionately known as A-farts) never included Battlestar, unfortunately.

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