Diving Into the Wreck Available on Kindle

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Finally, the e-book for Diving into the Wreck is available on Kindle. You can find it here.

I’m not sure about other e-versions. Readers, please do let me know if you can’t find other formats. I have a hunch they will be available within the week.

Thanks for your patience!

3 thoughts on “Diving Into the Wreck Available on Kindle

  1. Kris. I live in Canada and have a Sony E-Reader. How easy or difficult will it be for you to provide it in the Sony format.

    1. Nigel, I’m not the one doing the providing. That’s my publisher, Pyr. They are marketing the e-rights, so I’m as in the dark as you are on when/where. Have you tried to get the Sony format? I’m hoping that since it’s in Kindle, it should be in Sony as well.

  2. Kris, I bought a copy of “Diving into the Wreck” at B&N before flying out to S.C. for WOBC with the Army. I really like how you drive home the fragility of the spacefarers, once separated from their ships. The mood reminds me utterly of James Cameron’s The Abyss. I am about halfway through, and the whole Room thing is getting very interesting.

    I must say, Pyr’s production values are excellent. I ordinarily don’t buy Trade Paperback, but had wanted to pick this novel up for awhile now, so I took the plunge. Very nicely built volume, with a beautiful cover. In fact, looking at Pyr’s catalog, they don’t seem to have any poor covers at all! Can’t wait to see how they dress up the next books in the series. Which I will, of course, be buying.

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