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Okay, here’s something I’ve never tried before.  The good folks at BenBella Books gave me the opportunity to give away two copies of Filled With Glee, their upcoming unauthorized book on the TV series Glee. I have an essay in the volume.  You can read the beginning of the essay–which is actually about the music of Glee (although you can’t tell from the excerpt)–on their website here. The table of contents is here, and includes such Gleeks as A.M. Dellamonica and Jennifer Crusie.

Since I’ve never done a contest before, this is an experiment for me too.  And here’s what some of my more successful contest-blogging friends have advised me to do.  Please comment below on what you like about Glee. I’ll pick two names from the comments, one for the funniest (positive) comment and one at random.  Then I’ll announce the winners next Monday.  So you got one week to wow me, and failing that, if you don’t wow me, then you might be chosen at random anyway.

Here you go, Gleeks.  It’s your chance to shine.

10 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. Too late for the contest, but my observation…I’ve got a blog post mostly drafted but not yet posted about this. What Glee gives to me is it reminds me of the Value of the Chorus.

    Not everyone gets to sing the lead every time. Some NEVER get to sing the lead – when has Brittany ever sung a lead or more than half a line as a solo? What about that asian guy who’s made of spaghetti (at least it looks like it when he dances?) I don’t even know what his voice sounds like, but I know it contributes to the whole. It’s a really interesting concept, the value of the chorus…

  2. I love love love GLEE. I look forward to it every week on fox, and love it! I own the seasons and the CDs, i sing all there songs LOUD and dont care. I go online and look at all the video extras, I cant get enough of it! I re-watch episodes all the time. My favortie episdoe is definately the piolt. Those are all my favorite songs too 🙂

    I am a GLEEK.

  3. All that music I loved when I was young but am too embarrassed to admit to is now ‘cool,’ according to my son. And thank god he’s too young to call it retro.

  4. I did try watching once, and fled in terror. But the thing is, I really like some of the music, enough to buy it from iTunes and play it happily.

    I don’t entirely get it. This is big, bombast, Broadway-type performance, something I usually loathe, but every so often there is a song I really, really like.

    Then there is my niece and her partner, who are certified Gleeks, and if I won, I could give the book to them, and they would adore their aunt.

    1. The theme of my essay, GraceAnne, is that the music brought me back to Glee. I love how they do it.

      And isn’t it fun to see the revival of “our” music, Cindie? Cool….

  5. I’ve been dying to read your essay on the music. Think my fave so far is the Jane Lynch “Vogue”

    Hmmmm, can’t come up with anything funny (it’s before noon, whaddya want?!). But I’ll give it some thought!!

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