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  1. I recently discovered your writing (thanks to OSC’s recommendation) and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the Retreival Artist, Diving, Apollo 8 & Fantasy World. Thank you for your work.

    I do like the new cover and didn’t know another was forthcoming much less a third. Boss is an incredibly interesting character.

    I am looking forward to the new Retrieval Artist as well. I see in this thread that it is probably not coming in March… I think you capture the male perspective & motivation quite well in Flint.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Nope, not coming in March. But in November. The book got away from me, and so I had to move Boneyards ahead of it. In fact, the new Retrieval Artist is much bigger than expected, with a few more books before Talia’s Revenge. Anniversary Day will be next, with a tentative release date of November. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books!

  2. Hi, Kris,

    Loved Diving Into The Wreck, which I found in my public library while looking to see if they had anything new of yours. Is there a plan for the series — how many books, when, that sort of thing?

    Am a big fan of Miles, who resembles the Boss in many ways, or vice versa. Keep up the great work.


    1. Oh, yeah, Art. I’m finishing up Boneyards for Pyr right now and suspect it’ll be followed by another. Since the books are loosely related not telling one gigantic arc, I could write in this world forever. If you have an e-reader, there is also an unrelated short story (at the moment anyway) called “The Spires of Denon.” If your library has back issues of Asimov’s, it’ll be in there. Another loosely related story will appear in Asimov’s later this year. There’s a Diving website that just focuses on the world, if you’re curious. I’ll expand it Real Soon Now. http://www.divingintothewreck.com

      More Miles/Retrieval Artist later this year. There’s also a Retrieval Artist site, http://www.retrievalartist.com, which has the order for the series, etc. Soon I’ll be finishing it up. I had planned to over the holidays and got sidetracked writing. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words and for your interest!

  3. I am looking forward to your continuation of the Retrieval Artist series. I saw you had some novellas about Miles and Talia. Where can I get copies of those or be pointed in the right direction? Thank you!

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, Christine. The novellas are available as e-books at the moment, and will be in print form by June. About that point, the next novella will appear in Analog‘s July/August issue. Eventually that will be in book form as well. Thanks for asking.

  4. Yup. Not for the STEN series of course. Has anyone doing science fictiton ever been nominated for a Pulitzer? They got the nomination for, “A Reckoning for Kings,” their Vietnam war novel. Which is astoundingly good in my opinion. As for the bad covers coming after sales went down, ah, OK, that would seem to explain it. Too bad. But then, it was a lengthy series. 8 books is a long way to carry a franchise. Also, the events between book 5 and book 6 did kind of throw things up in the air a little bit. I think maybe a lot of fans who liked 1 thru 5 were off-put by 6, and then 7 and 8 sort of kept going down that different path, so maybe that’s the cause right there.

  5. This makes me think about the importance of contunuity with covers. Back in the 80s the pulitzer-nominated duo Allan Cole and Chris Bunch did their STEN series, and it had a very definitive group of covers on volumes 1 through 6. Starting with volume 7 however, the covers got wonky. Different font for the lettering, different style, the art was different and, in my opinion, not nearly as good as the first six. I never understood why that happened, but I think it hurt sales quite a bit and I’m still a bit put off that the publisher chose to shortcut on the covers for the final two books and ruin the continuity. Having the same artist do the same cover is important, as is retaining the overall style — which seems to be what Lou is doing with the Diving books, and hooray for that. Absolutely.

    1. Continuity is great. Generally publishers mess with covers when sales go down. So the decrease you’re talking about probably happened before the new cover and then continued the downward spiral. (Cole & Bunch were nominated for a Pulitzer? Really? Are you sure?)

      Glad you like the cover, though, Brad. I do as well. A lot.

  6. Great news for me – I loved Diving into the Wreck. I just pre-ordered this through your Amazon link, along with Recovering Apollo 8: And Other Stories, which I have been delinquent in acquiring. When will Talia’s Revenge: A Retrieval Artist Novel be available for pre-order?

    1. Thanks, Kevin. Much appreciated. I’m not sure when Talia’s Revenge will be available for preorder. Probably early next year. Working madly to finish it now…:-)

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