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Street Justice eboo#14C5CF9I am honored to announce that my novel, Street Justice, written under my Kris Nelscott pen name has been nominated for a Shamus award given by the Private Eye Writers of America. I found out when I woke up yesterday on a rare day off, and it was the perfect way to start a perfect day. I’m completely thrilled and more than a little gobsmacked. For those of you who don’t know, the Shamus is for Private Eye novels. Smokey Dalton may not have a P.I. license, but that’s because he never wants to be on the books. And it’s so nice to see him recognized  again, this time for a novel from WMG Publishing.

The book is in the Best Paperback Original category, along with novels by Michael Craven, M.C.Grant, Robert K. Lewis, and Vincent Zandri. I’m honored to be in their company. 

For a list of all the nominees, please click this link. The award will be given at Bouchercon in October. I’m thrilled. Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with the nomination!

6 thoughts on “Nelscott Nominated!

  1. What a great (late) birthday gift, isn’t it? 🙂

    Happy birthday and all the best! A big “Thank you!” for your always great advice.


  2. YAY! You and Smokey deserve this! Actually, I’d nominate Miles Flint, too, and make it a double, so there.

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