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I won’t be at 20BooksTo50K after all. They have no Covid policy, except the one in the hotel, which is masks. (And not always enforced.)

Even though Dean and I are fully vaccinated, he’s 71. We can’t risk spending days with people who have traveled all over the country and are unvaccinated. In case you think this is a new policy for us, it’s not. We canceled out of a concert in September with one of our favorite artists because there was no vaccination policy for that either, except the one at the hotel.

I’m sorry that I won’t see some of you. But health and safety come first.

8 thoughts on “Attending Conferences

  1. I was wondering why I didn’t see either you or Dean’s presentations as I was looking forward to catching both of them (albeit from afar as most of us are still grounded in Australia), but I’m glad both of you are safe and keeping safe. That is all that matters.

  2. I don’t blame you. You have to look after yourself first. But I do wonder, are the vaccines that ineffetive? Hope the flu doesn’t hit your area.

    1. The vaccines are not ineffective at all. But they’re designed to prevent hospitalization and death, not to prevent you from getting ill. Since so many people are stupidly refusing the vaccine and since those folks are also refusing to wear masks, the chances of catching the virus and passing it to someone who is immune-compromised, like Colin Powell was, become much greater.

      Also, it shows a lack of respect to people who have children or others who can’t be vaccinated yet. I will not walk into an area voluntarily where I can get the virus and transmit it to someone else even if I have no symptoms. Please read the science on the vaccines. They are great, and have been tested on millions of people. The fact that 20Books is not requiring them makes the conference too dangerous for anyone who might have children at home or a compromised immune system or age-related issues to attend.

  3. Well, fuck. Meeting you was at the top of my to do list.

    This is not to be taken as a complaint; you made the right decision.

  4. Right with you there. I’m not going anywhere near a venue that doesn’t have an airtight Covid/vaccine policy, or one who’s policy is, less than stellar. It’s sheer arrogance and stupidity.

  5. Makes sense. Even though I’m fully vaccinated and semi-wear a mask (depending on a given business’s rules, it will go all the way on), I’m still very, very leery of going to events of any kind in the foreseeable future.

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