Business Musings: Hold Fast To Dreams

One of my favorite poems is “Dreams” by Langston Hughes. I received it in a collection of poetry given to me when I was thirteen. I reread the poem so many times that I can recite the first stanza…with one error. He writes about what life becomes “if” dreams die and somewhere this past year, I substituted the word “when.” Fascinating, to me, because I’m […]

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Business Musings: Deadlines (A Process Blog)

In the middle of our summer move, I was going slightly crazy. I had set up a lot of deadlines for the first time in years, and I was afraid I would blow all of them. I was truly out of practice at dealing with deadlines on the writing. I had been so burned out from traditional publishing and a rotating series of deadlines that, […]

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Business Musings: Good Goals

At my in-person writing classes, I give students more work than most people can handle. A few people manage to do everything, usually one or two people per year at the workshops. At this year’s mystery workshop, one person finished all of the writing assignments and two redoes, and (I think) all of the reading (usually on the last day). One, out of thirteen. Most […]

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The Business Rusch: Plan For The Future (Surviving The Transition Part 4)

The Business Rusch: Plan For The Future (Surviving The Transition Part Four) Kristine Kathryn Rusch For the past month, I have geared my blog toward established writers.  Starting with the post, “Writing Like It’s 1999,” I have discussed the rapid change that the publishing industry is going through, change that most working professional writers haven’t really noticed yet. Working professional writers, those who make a […]

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Expectations

Artwork donated by Pati Nagle. The Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Expectations Kristine Kathryn Rusch A short time ago, a young writer who did not know my history in the science fiction field mentioned in e-mail how much he hated certain editors.  He felt those editors had mislead him, and were, therefore, unethical people. Since those editors happened to be friends of mine of longstanding—I’d known both […]

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Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Goals and Dreams

The Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Goals and Dreams Kristine Kathryn Rusch Last week, I discussed the two kinds of business plans—the kind you draw up for a financial reason (such as trying to get a loan or to lure investors), and the kind you draw up for yourself.  If you haven’t read this post, I suggest you do so, not just because it will help you […]

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