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cw_101_700No matter how long I’ve been writing, selling a story to a new market never grows old. This time, I’ve sold a new story to a new market–and I’m writing in a new subgenre! I’ve never tackled steampunk before, but the idea hit me, and I had to write it. In fact, “The Last Surviving Gondola Widow” is the first story I wrote when I finished the big Retrieval Artist project. Neil Clarke at Clarkesworld picked up the story, and it’s out before all the Retrieval Artist books see print! How cool is that?

Even more fun, in my opinion, is the fact that the story is also in audio form (read by Kate Baker). You can listen to the podcast, read the story online, or buy a copy of the full magazine. (I recommend listening–and then buying a full copy of the magazine, or even subscribing.) All of the fiction for the issue looks marvelous. (Personally, I can’t wait to dig into Nicola Griffith’s story.) So head on over, read, listen, and have some fun.

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