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I’m honored to announce that my story, “Snapshots,” received the AnLab Award for Best Short Story, chosen by the readers of Analog SF Magazine. The awards were announced over the weekend. I share the award with Tom Greene, whose story “Another Man’s Treasure,” was also in the May, 2014 issue of the magazine. If there are still back issues available, that’s clearly an issue to pick up.

If you can’t find a back issue, then you can find the story as a standalone ebook from WMG Publishing. Here’s the Amazon link, but you can also find the story on all other ebook retail sites.

I want to say thank you to the readers of Analog for their support of my work, to Trevor Quachri, Analog‘s editor, for buying the story, and to my husband Dean, who reminded me that Trevor edited Analog, not me, when I said that I didn’t think “Snapshots” was an Analog story. Boy, was I wrong. Thanks, Dean, for convincing me to send the story to Analog. You get at least a month’s worth of I-Told-You-So’s. 🙂

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