Fiction River Subscription Drive (With Cool Stuff For Readers & Writers)

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It’s that time again. We’re doing a brand new subscription drive for Fiction River. We do one every two years to refresh the subscriber list and maybe convince a few of you to give the anthology series a try. You can get back issues as well as current ones, just one issue, or an entire subscription.

I wrote and narrated the video, but the cool effects came from WMG’s talented Gwyneth Gibby. If nothing else, watch to see what she’s done.

We’ve experimented with the rewards this time. We have an early backer reward that will be available to anyone who backs us by 4 p.m. PDT on 8/28. We also have a high backer reward for those of you who spend $250 or more.

We have so many rewards for readers. As we hit our stretch goals, we add ebooks onto the rewards. If we get to our dream stretch goal of $50,000, our Kickstarter supporters who spend more than $15 will receive 25 different extra ebooks. So we have an incentive to get there.

There’s lots of reading for you readers. And some fun stuff for writers. If we hit some of the upper stretch goals, we will open Fiction River to submissions (for a short time). And backers will have two days of submissions all to themselves. There are workshops and all kinds of deals.

And…lots of fun stuff with subscriptions for Fiction River itself. Each reward will get you a chance to get at least one volume or maybe several more.

So head on over (and do so fast, if you’re reading this on Tuesday). Pick up some fun reading. And watch the video…especially if you like cats…



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