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I’ve been spending the last week following world events, as you all probably have. I also finished up the projects that had me so busy the first half of the year…just in time to be sequestered (mostly) in the condo. I then spent the last two days writing blogs for the weekly business blog. And sometime tonight I realized that I had forgotten to update you all on some of the news.

First, Dean started a Kickstarter. And it seems like he did that 100,000 years ago, but really it was just before this crazy week that we’ve been through. He’s doing a shared world called Cave Creek. Watch the video. It’s super fun. There are lots of opportunities for writers in this project, and even more fun stuff for readers. Oh, and Dean will be writing a novel set in Cave Creek in the next week or so, and discussing what he’s doing on his blog. That’s his version of writing in public.

He’s only a few hundred from the first stretch goal, so if you help tip it over and pledge at the $5, you’ll get a copy of my award-winning time travel novella, “The Gallery of His Dreams.” Check it out here.

If you’ve always wanted to run a Kickstarter, but have no idea how to go about it, we put up a free tutorial on Best Practices on Teachable. We partnered with Loren L. Coleman of Catalyst Game Labs to come up with some great suggestions for writers. And the best part about this little project is that it’s free. Go to Teachable, and dig in!

Finally, we put together a pop-up workshop called “Helping Your Business Survive the Downturn.” You’ll find it on Teachable starting on Sunday night. Some of the information will be in those two blog posts I wrote the past two days, but you won’t be seeing that until Thursday (and the following Thursday), unless you’re a Patreon supporter. Besides, Dean will have some great, clear tips to help you make it through this truly strange time that we find ourselves in.

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