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My last IROSF column went live last week.  IROSF is going away, sadly. The IROSF folks asked me not to write about how much I’d miss IROSF (I will) because they didn’t want the entire issue to be about the loss of IROSF.  I did talk about it a bit, but I also talked about the way magazines come and go–and one small line in the essay started a really silly comment trail. I’d suggest you go read the column and issue.  Ignore the comments.  Here’s where you can find it all.

2 thoughts on “My last IROSF column

  1. Kris,

    That’s a good article, and while I have no memory of the history of the industry as you do, I saw no problem with anything you wrote. (I simply HAD to read the comments.)

    You wrote a very fine last article for IROSF. Good job!

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