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I need practice on a variety of skills, some that have been dormant for 20+ years and some brand-new. So I decided to take advantage of our new equipment at WMG Publishing to do video updates–a video diary, if you will–of things that happen at WMG. I have a million other things to do, so I can’t promise these updates will happen often, but they will be more or less regular.

Here’s the first. And yes, I know. I know. The moment I finalized, I saw a million things to fix. (Of course, I missed them before finalizing.) I won’t make the same mistake on the next one. So no critiques, please. This thing is purposely silly and fun.

It’ll be on the WMG website once we revamp the site later in the month.



2 thoughts on “A WMG Publishing Update

  1. Nice to be able to put a face and voice to you! I always think about Boss’ face when I’m reading your stuff, since I saw her on your Twitter and blog so many times.

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