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Current News Diving Into The Wreck On Writing Space Opera

I’m in a new Storybundle! It features all kinds of fun Space Opera. I just read Dean’s novella, which is exclusive, and it’s wonderful. You can also get my novella Maelstrom, which is in the Diving universe, as well as a completely fun anthology of 1970s-type sf (with an introduction by Barbara Bain of Space: 1999, which I used to watch religiously). Head over to the bundle and see. You’ll find a lot of great end-of-the-summer reading.

Are you more interested in improving your writing these last few weeks of summer? Then we have a sale for you. The virus has us all in its evil clutches (I’m beginning to think of it as a supervillain), so the best thing to do is stay home and ride it out. (After you get your vaccine, of course.) Almost all of our writing workshops are half-off. Plus there’s a really cool new class we’re starting up in October called “Power Words.” If you’ve taken Depth or Advanced Depth, then this is the course for you. If you haven’t taken those classes, now is the time to stock up, so you can take Power Words.

Figured I’d give you all a heads-up. I’m trying to get better at doing so, after dropping the ball for most of 2020. We’ll see how it goes…

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