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We ran a Kickstarter during the start of the pandemic for our Year of the Cat books. One book featuring stories about cats, every month, for a year. The books are coming out now with stories from me and Dean and oh, other people, like Edgar Allen Poe and E. Nesbitt and Annie Reed and all kinds of fun writers.

When we ran the Kickstarter, I corralled my cats into doing promotion for the books, because it seemed to be a natural…and because we were all stuck inside. The boys didn’t seem to mind having their pictures taken. And I had fun writing copy, which I put on Facebook.

Turns out, people love reading “the boy promotions,” and the boys have continued to promote everything from new books to new Kickstarters to workshop sales.

We’ve done a few of the workshop sales during the pandemic, to keep people inside and writing. We labeled the sales according to what was going on at the time, from 2020’s March Sadness to this one, which is the In-between sale. We’re calling it the In-Between sale because we’re in between Pandemic Land and the new future, whatever that will be. Some of us are vaccinated, some are waiting to be vaccinated and many, in other countries, are in the midst of yet another horrific spike.

So…to help those who still need to quarantine, or those who need a jump start after a year of worry and not writing, we set up the in-between sale. We have, literally, hundreds of workshops to choose from. You can get them all half-off until Tuesday. Click this link to get the coupon code and read about some of the available choices.

And yes, you can buy workshops as a gift, maybe for Mother’s Day or a birthday or anything else that’s coming up.

If I were writing this on Facebook, I’d say that the boys would like you to click the link. But, in truth, the boys don’t care as long as they get cuddles and kibble. If only the rest of us could be so easily amused…


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