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Lots of things to share this week.

WMG Publishing publishes a free short story podcast every week. I wrote this week’s podcast and I read the story as well. Go to this link and enjoy “Elvis at the White House.” While you’re on the WMG Publishing site, check out the nifty book trailer that WMG’s Jane Kennedy produced for Spree. You guys remember Spree, right? WMG is serializing the book. You can start from the beginning, and read a chapter per week or you can order the book directly.

And here’s the book deal. Kevin J. Anderson asked me to join seven other writers in StoryBundle.com’s latest bundle. You can set your own price for eight science fiction ebook novels, bundled together. Joining me in this month’s bundle are Gregory Benford, Mike Resnick, Michael A. Stackpole, David Farland, BV Larson, Kevin J. Anderson, and Frank Herbert. Lots of great reading here. So, if you’ve wanted to start my Retrieval Artist series, now’s the time. Because the first book in the series, The Disappeared, is my contribution to the bundle. You’ll get Kev’s wonderful Hopscotch, Mike Resnick’s classic, Santiago, Michael A. Stackpole’s In Hero Years, I’m Dead, David Farland’s very first novel, On My Way To Paradise, and BV Larson’s first Space Force novel, Swarm. If you pay at least ten dollars for the bundle, you’ll get Gregory Benford’s The Stars in the  Shroud and a Herbert classic not seen in years, High-Opp as bonus novels.

This is a limited offer. You only have about 18 days to order these books. So do it now.

Eight novels for ten dollars. You can’t go wrong. So go listen to a free short story, watch a video, and then order a bundle of science fiction ebooks–and that’ll take care of your entertainment for this week. 🙂

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