A Stunning Honor

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Last year, I published three pieces of short fiction in Asimov’s SF Magazine. I’m both stunned and happy to report that all three have made the Readers’ Award Final Ballot. Thank you so much, Asimov readers!

The two novellas, “The Break-In” and “The Death Hole Bunker,” are part, in very different form, of my novel The Ivory Trees, which is in the extended part of the Diving Universe. The novellas stand alone (clearly!).

The novelette, “The Nameless Dead,” is not part of any series and actually came from a rather disturbing dream I had. You’ll see why I say disturbing if you read the novelette…which I encourage you to do.

The kind folks at Asimov’s have reprinted every story on the ballot online for a short time only. That means if you click on this phrase, you will find 16 pieces of short fiction that are more than worth your time, as well as some wonderful science fiction poetry.

Oh, heck. Let me give you the link again. It’s https://www.asimovs.com/about-asimovs/readers-award-finalists/. This is not just free reading. It’s excellent free reading.

I’m in great company in these categories. Wonderful writers all, and marvelous stories.


4 thoughts on “A Stunning Honor

  1. Congratulations.

    On a separate note, I’m trying to remember the title of a story that I think maybe you wrote. It was a story set on a pirate ship or a young lawyer(?) whose ship is cpatured by pirates and he pretends to be married so he isn’t forcibly recruited or killed and then has to hold a trial on the pirate ship. Was it yours? If so, and I know you’ve written so much you might not remember, do you recall the title?

  2. Congratulations! That’s quite the achievement. I look forward to reading them. (I’m at a writing conference in Portland this weekend. This may be just the thing to escape with.)

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